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Greyhound Bus Lines(775-754-2546)
Carlin Self Stor(775-754-6782)
Pacini Ugo(775-754-6709)
Carlin City of(775-754-6321)
Elko County of(775-754-6321)
Nevada Health Centers Inc(775-754-2666)
Police Dept(775-754-2221)
Deming Jay(775-754-2356)
Stitzel Rita(775-754-6219)
House Larry(775-754-6022)
Lund Harry(775-754-6306)
Lund Leora(775-754-6306)
Wright Gary L(775-754-6271)
Belsey Robert(775-754-6356)
Meinen April C(775-754-6356)
Lambert Runelda(775-754-2082)
Lambert Stephen(775-754-2082)
Anderson Glen A(775-754-6245)
Eklund Clifford(775-754-6664)
Pawelek Michael(775-754-6502)
Timmer Bonnie(775-754-6545)
Timmer Steven(775-754-6545)
Smith Randy(775-754-2549)
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