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Acciari Joe R(775-465-2350)
Cereceres Sylvia(775-272-3646)
Casper Jan(775-272-3490)
Humboldt County School District(775-859-0352)
Moser Jim L(775-272-3371)
Rookstool L(775-859-0558)
Gil Miguel(775-859-0420)
Gil Tina(775-859-0420)
Lopez Miguel(775-859-0512)
Windspur Discount Irrigation Supp(775-859-0348)
Bland Charlotte(775-859-0252)
Currie Anne(775-859-0246)
Currie Dave(775-859-0246)
Herring Greg(775-859-0460)
Herring Janet(775-859-0460)
Humboldt Hunting Club(775-859-0303)
McErquiaga Henry V(775-859-0300)
Perez Luis(775-272-3644)
Rookstool Farms(775-859-0030)
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