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Nance Pastor(775-945-2687)
Nance Vicki(775-945-2687)
Lamb Charles(775-945-3959)
Lamb Phyllis(775-945-3959)
Grant Lester(775-945-3786)
Duff Homer(775-945-2661)
Felix Robert(775-945-3181)
Steffani Rudolph L(775-945-3757)
Manes G K(775-945-3135)
Taylor Ceres(775-945-9847)
Eierman Russ(775-945-1630)
Nagle Maracia(775-945-9835)
Wallace James(775-945-3315)
Guzman Joe(775-945-2018)
Merth Larry(775-945-4651)
Cliff House Lakeside Resort(775-945-5253)
Neely Betty(775-945-3675)
Neely Jacky(775-945-3675)
Conroy Richard(775-945-5698)
Ernie's Slots(775-945-2869)
Essenpreis Jas(775-945-2869)
Henry J(775-945-9816)
Henry M(775-945-9816)
Blakemore Angela(775-945-5927)
Blakemore Richard(775-945-5927)
Gruber I(775-945-2142)
Blake T(775-945-2836)
Kelsey Kenneth(775-945-2918)
Knittle Chester B(775-945-2062)
Bryden Donald(775-945-3101)
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